Reports and Analytics

Data-Driven Decision Making

Empowering Insights with Reports and Analytics

HRM Mitra's Reports and Analytics empower organizations with comprehensive data insights, facilitating informed decision-making. Gain a deeper understanding of workforce dynamics, track key performance indicators, and optimize HR strategies for enhanced efficiency and productivity. Harness the power of data-driven insights with HRM Mitra's robust reporting and analytics capabilities.


  • ✔ Customized reports of all modules
  • ✔ Payroll, arrears, bonus reports
  • ✔ ESIC, PF, PT & appraisal reports
  • ✔ Real-time monitoring of KPIs and trends
  • ✔ Take decisions depending on the current information
  • ✔ Analyze the past and present performance of employees


  • ✔ Improved performance
  • ✔ Faster and more accurate decisions
  • ✔ Make better decisions with minimal risk
  • ✔ Increase efficiency and better utilization of resources
  • ✔ Cost savings due to improved accuracy