Mobile App

Empower Your HR Management On The Go With HRM Mitra

Efficiency, Convenience, And Accessibility At Your Fingertips For Seamless HR Management

Mobile App revolutionizes human resource management, putting power in the palms. This innovative mobile solution seamlessly integrates essential HR functions, enabling on-the-go access for both employees and HR professionals. With intuitive features like leave management, attendance tracking, and Check-in/Check-out features the HRM Mitra app empowers employees to manage their work-life balance effectively.


  • ✔ Keep in touch with your team on the go
  • ✔ Secured attendance marking of employees using selfie
  • ✔ Set-up virtual boundaries for attendance marking
  • ✔ Track check-in and check-out times of employees with geo-location
  • ✔ Plan and check your holidays from anywhere
  • ✔ View new announcements
  • ✔ Leave application and Approval


  • ✔ Employee Self-Service portal
  • ✔ Employees can conveniently manage their working hours during WFH
  • ✔ Employer-employee win-win situation
  • ✔ Utilize HR Analytics for Strategic planning and Growth
  • ✔ Improved Communication with the team
  • ✔ Convenient for the employees to manage working hours during WFH