Field Force Management

An Effective Way To Manage Your Sales Team

Attendance . Performance . Improvement.

The application designed to empower managers in tracking their sales force efficiently. The app facilitates daily attendance monitoring, tracks movement throughout the day, generates visit reports, and utilizes advanced features like geo-location and geo-fencing. Additionally, it provides accurate distance calculations, aiding in comprehensive field force management. This solution ensures real-time insights into the activities of the sales team, contributing to enhanced productivity and strategic decision-making for businesses.


  • ✔ Attendance marking & calculation with geo-tagging and geo-fencing
  • ✔ Tracks daily visits and distance traveled
  • ✔ Live tracking and automated reporting are available
  • ✔ Helps you calculate working hours easily


  • ✔ Know where your sales employees are
  • ✔ Measure the end-results easily
  • ✔ Evaluate the performance fuss-free
  • ✔ Improved data maintenance