Asset Management

Tag & Track Your Organization's Valuable Assets Effortlessly

Organize. Optimize. Control your Assets

Say 'Hello' to a future-driven Asset Tracking & Tagging Software Solution to manage all your IT Assets easily.

HRM Mitra – Asset Management tracks asset details in real-time. It’s vital to track and keep a record of where your organization’s assets are, and when they are due back from employees to ensure hassle-free functioning.

Unistal's Asset Tracking and Tagging Software ensures you and your team stay on the same page. Companies can use this Asset Management Solution to know the whereabouts of assets such as fixed, movable, & consumable assets that have been physically assigned to each employee. HRMS Best Asset Management Solution helps organizations track their valuable assets by providing better visibility, traceability, and accountability.

Features & Benefits

Asset Tracking

Monitor asset locations and status in real time

Automated Alerts

Receive instant notifications of maintenance

Asset Allocation

Manage assets from procurement to disposal

Compliance & Risk Management

Ensure regulatory compliance

Reduced Downtime

Minimize asset breakdowns and operational disruptions

High-risk Asset Tracking

Managing and monitoring important assets for a business' success

Asset Change Alert

Asset statuses and attributes are notified when they change

Integration Capabilities

Seamlessly integrate with other systems for streamlined workflows.

Resource utilization of Assets

Maximizing the productivity and value derived from available resources