Activity Management

Unleash the Efficiency with Activity Management Solution

Elevate Productivity with Seamless Activity Management

At Unistal, we believe in simplifying your work life through our Activity Management. Seamlessly prioritize, track, and manage activities with a human touch. Empower your team with a user-friendly platform, ensuring efficient collaboration and progress monitoring. Experience the joy of enhanced productivity, stress-free planning, and a sense of accomplishment.

Activity Management allows employers to monitor employees' online activities, providing admin/manager access, geolocation, and device accessibility, enabling company structure, face recognition and captures the screen every 5 minutes (default setting which can be increased as per required).

Features & Benefits

High-Risk Employees Tracking

Tracks & monitors high-risk employees activities

Productive/Unproductive Time Tracking

Tracks employees' online time

Remote System Tracking

Easy tracking of employees remote online activities

Desktop Screenshot

Takes a screenshot every 5 minutes or after a set period

Live Screen monitoring

Monitors screen in real-time

Key Log Tracking

Records employees' keystrokes and mouse clicks

Working/Idle Time Tracking

Tracks employee idle and working time

Productive/Non-productive Application/Website Tracking

Ensures employees only access relevant applications and websites

Auditing and Review

Regularly reviewing system logs and activity reports to identify anomalies or security threats