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HRM Mitra is a SaaS based HR Management Solution

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Welcome to HRM Mitra

HRM Mitra places employee experience at the core of organizational success. From business growth and customer loyalty to employee retention and engagement, all hinge on delivering an exceptional employee experience.

Our cloud-based HR platform empowers HR professionals and leaders to focus more on people and less on paperwork, automating transactional tasks and harnessing people data for impactful strategic HR decisions, fostering a thriving work environment.

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One Application for your HR Process and Beyond

  • Improve Workforce Productivity & Streamline HR Processes

    • ✔ Easily set up organizational structure and policies
    • ✔ Efficient employee data management
    • ✔ Time & attendance, and leave management
    • ✔ Performance appraisal and talent management
    • ✔ Access and update employee information
    • ✔ Ensure adherence to HR laws and regulations
    • ✔ Statutory compliance (ESIC, PT, & PF)
    • ✔ Manage Complete Income Tax Computation
    • ✔ Complete lifecycle management of every employee from onboard to exiting
    • ✔ Customized reports for all related Modules

  • Activity Management allows employers/managers to keep a check on the daily activity of the employees performed on their devices.

    • ✔ High-Risk Employees Tracking
    • ✔ Productive/Unproductive website Tracking
    • ✔ Remote System Tracking
    • ✔ Desktop Screenshot
    • ✔ Live Screen Monitoring
    • ✔ Key Logs Tracking
    • ✔ Working/Idle Time Tracking

  • Task Management Solution promotes organization, efficiency, collaboration, transparency, time management, accountability, flexibility, analytics, integration, error reduction, and scalability. The solution makes tasks easier to accomplish, boosts productivity, and keeps teams organized and focused.

    • ✔ Individual Task Management
    • ✔ Project Task Management
    • ✔ Work flow Management

  • Optimizing resources, enhancing performance, and mitigating risks—Asset Management maximizes value throughout the lifecycle for sustained organizational success.

    • ✔ Manage Fixed Assets, Movable Assets and Consumable Assets along with complete tracking
    • ✔ Maintenance Scheduling
    • ✔ Lifecycle Management
    • ✔ Compliance & Risk Management
    • ✔ Resource utilization of Assets
    • ✔ Reporting & Analytics

  • The application helps managers track their sales force efficiently, providing real-time insights, accurate distance calculations, and advanced features for improved productivity and strategic decision-making in business operations.

    • ✔ Keep track of the employee's performance
    • ✔ Identify areas of improvement
    • ✔ Daily attendance & movement tracking
    • ✔ Geo-location with Geo-fencing
    • ✔ Visit report analysis
    • ✔ Reporting & Analytics


Why to choose HRM Mitra?

HRM Mitra is a SaaS-based HRM Solution that simplifies and automates the complete life-cycle of an employee from onboarding to exit. With a simple user interface, it fulfills all your HR needs. The solution's advanced modules include Activity, Task, and Asset Management.

HR managers can perform their responsibilities effectively and efficiently with the least paperwork using the Best HRM Solution in India.


Experience the power of seamless HR management. Our solution empowers your organization by simplifying tasks, automating workflows, and optimizing HR processes for enhancing the productivity

Human Resource Management

Elevate employees delite with HR Management Solution

Activity Management

Track Work Processes And Workflow Like A Pro

Task Management

Task Mastery Made Simple: Achieve More, Stress Less

Asset Management

Tag, Track, And Report Physical Assets Assigned To Your Workforce

Field Force Management

Precice tracking, Strategic Insights, Enhanced Productivity

Transform Your HR Process: Take the First Step Towards Automation

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